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At Gully Farm Consignment, I pick up your items at your location, and sell them online. Think about that: your things disappear, and you get money in return. Where else can you find someone who will give you space and time, AND give you money?

I specialize in being a generalist, and work hard to get the best price for your items, no matter what they are. I have sold items ranging from books to trains, and antique to brand new. The only limitations are whether I think something will sell, and if it can be safely shipped.


Featured Item Of The Day:

7/30/14: Evocative Gelatin Silver Church Organ Photo

7/29/14: Who Doesn’t Like A Horse and Buggy Picture?

7/28/14: Tiny Works of Art That Move The Mail

7/27/14: Even an old picture is worth a thousand words

7/26/14: Vintage 45s, pop, hiss and scratch included.

7/25/14: 1950s and 1960s First Day Issue Covers

7/24/14: Wake Up And Smell The Coffee…or Tea

7/23/14: Stangl Handbrushed Ceramic Candlestick Holder

7/22/14: Antique 3-Cent George Washington Stamps

7/21/14: Great Book of Advertisement Illustrations

7/20/14: Queen Coronation Stamp Album

7/19/14: He Shoots, He Scores! Vintage 35mm Camera

7/18/14: Great Book About Sailing Tall Ships

7/17/14 Gorgeous 11 Piece Gold Puzzle Wedding Band

7/16/14: World War II Pacific Theater Book