Pokemon Diamond for Nintendo DS Lite

Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Diamond was released shortly after the Nintendo DS Lite, on September 28th, 2006. It was released as a trio, along with Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Platinum. Pokemon Diamond, along with Pearl and Platinum, were part of Generation four of the Pokemon Game Series. The goal of the game, like any others, is to choose a starter Pokemon (A small creature to accompany you on your adventure) and to go from town to town, catching more Pokemon, and becoming stronger, fighting other trainers and Gym Leaders in battles with the Pokemon, using various types and moves to your advantage. Eventually, at the end, you will face the Elite Four, after you have beat all the Gym Leaders, and the Pokemon Champion. All through the plot, you make more friends, catch new Pokemon, and fill up your Pokedex, which keeps track of all the Pokemon you have encountered. Not to forget your rival, and Team Galactic, who want to wreak havoc on the world of Pokemon. There are various legendary Pokemon to catch on you adventure, too and unlock their special and powerful abilities. Legendary Pokemon are the strongest of all, and they are very rare and slightly difficult to encounter. There are three mascot Pokemon for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum; Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. They are always encountered in the storyline and you have the choice to catch or defeat them.

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